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Viper Club of Ontario

The VCO is among the largest Viper clubs in the world and provides an unsurpassed club & Viper ownership experience with events from Windsor to Ottawa and Western NY!

Our Chrysler dealer sponsors with 4 Viper Techs, other club sponsors, and vast network of parts & service providers are dedicated to the Preservation & Enjoyment of our  Vipers!     

Discover the benefits, value and essential club resources our members enjoy!

Bruce Hadfield

VCO President

Viper Club of Ontario offers...

  • 50+ Days of club events, most supported by club & sponsors

  • Club Pricing and Discounts

  • Value that exceeds club dues

  • Chrysler Dealer Sponsors with experienced Viper Technicians!

  • Annual Viper Show with Awards

  • Track Program, 14 day/5 track, with Discounts & Club Rebate

  • Extensive 25 year Club Resources

  • Member's Facebook Group

  • VCO Times Monthly Newsletter​

  • FCA New Vehicle Preferred Purchase Program Savings!

Join the VCO Community for 2024, just $125 CDN/$95 USD!


Contact Bruce at to join!



Interested in learning more? We'd love to hear from you!

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