Stadium Concrete Seats

The Viper Club of Ontario offers our VCO members an unsurpassed Viper ownership and club experience by offering the following membership benefits

  • Over 25 exciting club social and track events located from Kingston to London and beyond

  • Covid-19 protocols and outdoor event planning to help keep everyone safe 

  • Club funding support of all 25+ events

  • The many benefits of our being the Ontario Region of the world-wide Viper Owners Association are listed on the VOA site: The Club

  • The VOA Forums  are a fountain of resources and information. VOA Forums

  • Participate in the VOA National Events. 

  • Track Program that includes:

  • 10 track events on 5 race tracks

  • 3 Performance Driving Schools

  • 8 Lapping Days, most with run groups according to skill level, 4 with free instruction

  • Club discounted event pricing

  • $100/50 Club Track Rebate

  • Local patio dinners after most events

  • The VCO Times monthly newsletter keeping everyone informed

  • The VCO Website informing current and prospective members with frequent info and photo updates 

  • Club Facebook Pages, both public and private, Instagram and WhatsApp

  • Club Sponsors supporting our membership in various ways

  • Leadership by an enthusiastic and engaged Board of Directors  

  • VCO Technical Director Access