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Stadium Concrete Seats

The Viper Club of Ontario offers our VCO members an unsurpassed Viper ownership and club experience by offering the following membership benefits and value...

  • The Viper Club of Ontario is a non-profit social club incorporated in 1997 and led by a Board of 4 Officers and 6 Directors

  • Our club is dedicated to supporting our member's needs and those of the larger Viper community

  • We're well organized, welcoming, respectful & encourage participation with partners and guests

  • Our 10 Area Directors & Event Coordinators live in and support our members from Windsor to Ottawa

  • We provide excellent club benefits & member value with great event funding

  • Comprehensive Insurance

  • Transferable Membership 

      Website & Club Resources


  • Events Calendar page

  • Gallery page of event photos

  • Sponsor & Marketplace pages

  • Newsletter Page for the monthly The VCO Times and various club blogs

  • VCO Technical Director

  • Chrysler Dealer Sponsors with trained Viper technicians and other club support

Club Communications

  • The VCO Times monthly newsletter

  • Monthly membership email

  • Frequent website updates 

  • Club Facebook Pages, both public and members-only, Instagram and WhatsApp

  • Posting on various other Viper Facebook pages

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