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April 2022

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

The VCO Times April 2022 Issue

Hello Everyone,

April is finally here and our 2022 season is revving up! We expect many of you will have your Vipers back on the road a couple of weeks earlier than normal based on the encouraging weather forecast!

2022 VCO Officer Elections

As a reminder, each year our club asks for nominations to join our Board of directors, with half of our Board members standing for re-election to give all members an opportunity to run for a position on the Board of Directors (BOD). This year we were delighted to receive nominations from Jackie Simpson from Niagara Falls, and Dennis Harding from Cambridge. Since we had two Board vacancies, that meant they were automatically elected, as were those directors standing for re-election, without the need for a general membership vote.

It was then the job of the 2022 Board to elect the club’s officers, filling the positions of Vice President and Secretary, which we did in a BOD meeting on March 22nd.

Announcing Your 2022 VCO Board of Directors

Bruce Hadfield, President/Secretary Dan Frankian, GTA West Area Director

Garrett Nalepka, Vice President Jeff Kormos, Hamilton Area Director

Nick Sawrantschuk, Treasurer Jackie Simpson, Niagara Area Director

Jay Tanti, Membership Dennis Harding, Cambridge Area Director

Jason Leslie, Eastern Ontario Area Director Enio Parete, London-Windsor Area Director

We congratulate Garrett Nalepka, our new club Vice President by unanimous Board approval! And we once again welcome last month’s new directors Jackie Simpson and Dennis Harding to the Board and thank them and our entire Board for their commitment to make this the most exciting Viper club ever!

10 Area Directors Now Serving all Members

Our goal has been to serve the needs of all members in all areas with a local area director living in each region. That goal has been achieved with the additions of Jackie Simpson in Niagara Falls serving that region, and Dennis Harding in Cambridge serving the Kitchener-Cambridge-Guelph areas! Jeff Kormos is looking after Hamilton & surrounding areas, Enio Parete London-Windsor, Jay Leslie Eastern Ontario, and our club officers are serving the GTA and surrounding areas.

We greatly appreciate the help of John Wach as ONVE2022-Niagara Falls Event Planner, and Event Coordinators Jamie Herrington and Steve Gawadzyn helping Enio Parete in London and Windsor, respectively. If you would like to get involved and help your area's director that would be very much appreciated.

This is the VCO’s A-Team. Our 50+ Calendar of Events, serving members from Windsor to Ottawa, is not only a testament to their commitment, but also sets a record for most events of any Viper far! We are Viper Event Central…and darn proud of it!

Choose Events and RSVP Early!

With 50 events on our Events Calendar, it’s easy to overlook one that you’d really like to do. The best plan is to review the Events Calendar carefully, RSVP to each “organizer” of those you’d like to attend, and mark them on your personal calendar. You can automatically upload events to your phone or device’s calendar by clicking on each listing's “Add to Calendar” link that is appropriate to your device and app. We’ll confirm that you’re still planning to attend a few days before the events. And if you’ve overlooked renewing your VCO membership for 2022, you do need to do that right away. Also know that we take health safety seriously in the planning and review of all of our club events!

Events Requiring Early RSVP

Some events have capacity limits, some involve long-range planning and reserving of tickets and blocks of hotel rooms, and we ask for your early RSVP to all below that you would like to attend so we can accommodate everyone! All events and details at

April 30th, Ferrari Club Symposium. Covid-19 safety protocol plans are being reviewed. The schedule of seminars and Ferrari’s Symposium registration will be available April 12th and Bruce will forward them to all who have RSVP’d on April 12th.

May 1st, Ian Law Performance Driving School & Lapping Day. Many have RSVP’d already. The school spots are limited so let Bruce know ASAP if you’re thinking of attending.

May 15th, VCO Exotic Cars & Coffee, Lunch & Meeting. Morning C&C. Our guests will be the Ferrari Club of Ontario, along with Ford GT and Shelby Cobra owners! Lunch for our members is provided by the club. Brief member’s meeting will follow, including presenting of 2021 Event Participation Awards, VCO 25th Anniversary apparel,

Sept 16-19 ONVE2022-Niagara Falls teaser, and more. Meet your club’s leadership, help us welcome new members, and enjoy this amazing Hagerty Garage + Social facility! Indoor capacity is 100. Covid-19 safety protocols plans are being reviewed. Please RSVP for meal & meeting planning.

August 19th, Sunset Dinner Cruise on the Detroit River! Caesar’s Casino fun after 10 pm or stroll the scenic Riverwalk! We need to make sure we reserve enough boat cruise tickets and hotel rooms so please check it out, and we do need your RSVP, and room and cruise ticket commitment. We’re invited to join the Motor City Viper Owners club for the Woodward Dream Cruise on the Saturday, and we’ll plan a Sunday morning event for those that would like to make this a great weekend away!

25th Anniversary VCO Travel Bag

We just had to celebrate the VCO’s 25th Anniversary with some things we think our members can really use and enjoy…and this is one of them! Attractive, functional, sturdy, very nicely embroidered…and the perfect size for your weekends away in the Viper! Buy 1 for $50 or 2 for $90! Order yours now and pick up at our May 15th or another event. Email Bruce @ to order while quantities last! 19"l x 10"w x 11"h, gray only.

VCO Name Badges

We are having club name badges made for those members who don’t currently have one, for primary and secondary/guest members, so if you haven’t renewed yet please do so by April 15th or contact Bruce at

2022 Event Participation Awards

It’s fun and simple…the more events you attend the more fun you have, and the better your chance to win a 2022 Event Participation Award! To give everyone a chance to win, we’ll have 8 awards, 2 members each from Eastern Ontario, GTA, Niagara-Hamilton-Cambridge areas, and London-Windsor.

Welcome New Members

We're very pleased to welcome back Ralph and Betty-Ann Nelles from Picton, members of the club many years ago. They own a yellow 1994 RT/10. Glad to have you both back!

Announcing New and Returning VCO Sponsors

The VCO welcomes Windsor Premier Cruises! We had a great time cruising with them last year for ONVE2021 and look forward to cruising with them again as they host our August 19th Sunset Dinner Cruise aboard the Macassa Bay! This recently renovated ship has a 200-person capacity. They offer a variety of excursion destinations, and day, evening and dinner cruises.

We welcome Motiv Performance in Windsor, a firm specializing in Paint Protection Film and Window Tint installations on premium vehicles. Contact owner and VCO member Ryan Ceshan at 519-990-2094, and look for him at an event soon!

And we welcome new sponsor, Steve Gawadzyn, our VCO Event Coordinator for Windsor. Steve has lengthy and impressive experience doing professional quality paint correction. If your paint finish needs attention contact Steve at 519-817-9582.

And back to support the VCO once again are our 4 generous and long-time Chrysler dealers, and others. Visit our VCO 2022 Sponsor page for the complete listing at

Spring Viper Check

Ensure your Viper goes back on the road in good condition. Check all your fluid levels, tires, and lights as critters can cause damage. Have a trusted Viper Tech check out your car if it’s been a while, and know that our 4 club sponsoring Chrysler dealers all have trained and experienced Viper technicians.

Satisfying Your Need For Speed Safely

Watch your speeds and avoid been charged with aggressive or “stunt driving”. Check out the new laws that can ruin your driving pleasure…

Take it to the track where you can truly enjoy the performance of your Viper in a legal and safer setting all summer long. 7 tracks with one or more close to you, and many days to choose from on our Events calendar…

May 1st, Ian Law Performance Driving School & Lapping, Driver Dev. Track, Bowmanville

May 9 to Sept 29, 8 JRP “Speed Therapy” days, Grand Prix Track, Bowmanville

Oct 7th, JRP "Speed Therapy" days, Toronto Motorsports Park, Cayuga

May to Sept, Shannonville Motorsports Park Lapping, near Belleville, TBD

May to Sept, Grand Bend Motorplex Lapping, Grand Bend, TBD

July 29th, Calabogie Motorsports Park Lapping, Calabogie

Sept 2nd, Circuit Mont Tremblant lapping, Mont Tremblant, Quebec

VCO Board Member Bios

Garrett Nalepka, Vice President

"I have been an Ontario Viper Club member since 2007 and the Ontario Viper Club Technical Director since 2011. I started as a Chrysler technician in 1996 at Aurora Chrysler, and this was when I stumbled across my first Viper. My service manager handed me keys and said, "change the oil in this, and if you squeal the tires, you're fired" I walked outside and approached the car, thinking, what the hell kind of car is this! As soon as I started it, I fell in love with it. When I drove the vehicle into the service bay, I must have been smiling because the technician beside me said I would never be able to afford a car like that. That comment stuck with me. I continued to advance my career and gained a lot of respect in this industry by solving vehicle problems at my dealership and others.

In 2006 I was asked if I would help teach one day a week in a new program that would supply Chrysler apprentices to dealerships in Ontario. Over time I began to be more involved at Centennial College, and in 2007 I purchased my 2004 Viper convertible. Shortly after I joined the Viper Club.

Over the years, some of my most memorable experiences have been Viper club events. My wife Christine started joining me at the events a couple of years ago, and now the club is something we both enjoy. I'm very excited about being part of and participating in the club's revival. Join us at the next event. You will not be disappointed."

Dennis Harding, Area Director, Kitchener-Cambridge-Guelph

Born on a Rock in the Atlantic Ocean, my love of the Telecommunications industry took me from Newfoundland to Alberta and finally to Ontario where I found my path for the past 37 years. Owner of a 2001 RT10, my baby is an antique, just like me. We joined the club in 2013 and have acquired dear friends whom we have travelled with on Viper events and otherwise. My other passions are cooking and seafood, particularly cooking seafood, which I hope to do for you all someday. I am honoured to serve as director and am excited that events are happening in my region. Looking forward to sharing our local experiences with my fellow membership and growth in the area.

Thank you all for reading, and for your over-whelming support of your club!

On behalf of your 2022 VCO leadership team,

Bruce Hadfield


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