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July 2024

Hello Everyone,

We hope you enjoyed the Canada Day weekend with friends & family, and we're wishing our Western New York members a very happy 4th of July!

It was great to see those who came out to the Parkwood Estate on holiday Saturday and the Hagerty Cars & Coffee event on Sunday. Here are some photos of those events....

The Chrysler Museum and Technology Center venues are on the Saturday of our September 13-15th Windsor-Detroit event weekend and it's not to be missed! Enio Parete is outdoing himself after planning our incredible Brampton Assembly Plant VIP Tour last year! See the club email you received on July 3rd for current details.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP by July 10th to Bruce as we need to plan for the number of people and Vipers to accommodate well in advance. Museum participation is capped at 100, with any unfilled spots gladly filled by our friends in the Motor City Viper Owners club! We're also inviting some very special Team Viper members!

10 July Events...what a month!

Here's the exciting VCO July events happening across Ontario and Western New York! Check them out and RSVP asap!

  • 4th - Speed Therapy Track Day, Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Bowmanville

  • 6th - Black Donnelly Cruise & BBQ, London & Grand Bend

  • 13th - O'Hara Car Show & Winery Lunch, St. Catharines

  • 13th - RM Sotheby's C&C, Cruise & Lunch, Chatham & Belle River

  • 14th - Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum Tour, Photo Shoot & Lunch, Hamilton

  • 15-16th - Watkins Glen Track Days, Watkins Glen NY, event sold out

  • 20th - Peterborough Lift Lock, Canoe Museum, Lakefield Cruise & Lunch

  • 22nd - Lake Muskoka Boat Cruise, Viper Cruise, Dinner with overnight option

  • 27th - Niagara Falls Power Vista Plant, Aerospace Museum and Fort Niagara

  • 28th - Hagerty Garage + Social Cars & Coffee, Burlington

August Events...the fun continues!

Make your selection and RSVP asap!

  • 1st - Speed Therapy Track Day, Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Bowmanville

  • 10th - Port Dalhousie & Grimsby Viper Cruise

  • 17th - Woodward Dream Cruise, Detroit

  • 20th - Speed Therapy Track Day, Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Bowmanville

  • 24th - Exotic Car Cruise & BBQ, Guelph

  • 25th - Hagerty G + S Cars & Coffee, Burlington

  • 27th - Speed Therapy Track Day, Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Bowmanville

  • 29th - Patio Dinner at the Beach Lakefront Bar & Grill, Keswick

Event Suggestions

Interesting events are often planned around places and things members have seen or experienced locally. If you know of a treasure others might enjoy be sure to let us know!

Replacing Old Tires

Aging tires become hard, lose grip needed in emergency situations, and ride comfort can suffer to the point you might think there's a problem with your suspension. Tires should be replaced after 7 years, even if they have lots of tread left...and some are driving on tires twice that old! Put safety first and enjoy a smoother riding Viper! Tire Guide at

Vipers For sale

2002 Viper GTS for sale at sponsor Wellington Motors. 14,373 kms! Contact Josh Wood at

1998 GTS, red with white stripes, black interior, fully paint corrected, ceramic coated, beautiful condition, extra new spare parts. 28,307 miles. Contact Shawn at

2004 SRT-10 Roadster, red, 6170 kms, full PPF protection. Pristine example of the Gen III! Contact Shawn at

Sponsor Appreciation

Special thanks to our sponsors for their help in providing unsurpassed events, resources and member support that benefits us all. Please support them as well! Sponsor contact info at

On behalf of your club Board of Directors and sponsors, thank you all for your club support...and we look forward to seeing you at an event soon!


Bruce Hadfield

VCO President

Come join us...the VCO provides unsurpassed Viper ownership and club experiences!

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