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VCO Tire Buying Guide

Updated: Mar 5

Last update March 5, 2023

We're pleased to announce that tires are currently available for every Generation Viper!

Some members are driving on very old tires with lots of tread, thinking they don't need to be replaced. Tires become hard as they age, causing poor ride quality, and most importantly losing critical grip. .See the Technical Article below if you have older tires!

This listing shows the Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) tire sizes for each generation of Dodge/SRT Viper and tires that are available in those sizes. If your Viper's wheels have been changed to a different size, or other vehicle modifications done that affect wheel or tire fitment, then special care should be taken when ordering tires.

The use of slightly different tire sizes is commonly done out of necessity when tires in the OEM sizes aren't available, or in order to use a preferred tire brand or model based on performance characteristics or other factors. Perfect substitutes are noted.

This listing includes tires that are available as of March 2023, and will be periodically updated as some tires in Viper sizes become unavailable and others become available.

This is only a guide....always confirm your Viper's required tire size before ordering!

Gen I & Gen II to 1998

275/40ZR17 front (OEM), Michelin Pilot Sport S2

335/35ZR17 rear " "

Gen II 1999-2002

275/35ZR18 f (OEM), Continental ExtremeContact Sport 02

335/30ZR18 r "

Gen III-IV (non ACR)

275/35ZR18 f (OEM), no sets available at this time. Gen V tires below are recommended.

345/30ZR19 r " " "


295/30ZR18 f (OEM), no sets available at this time. Gen V tires below are recommended

345/30ZR19 r " " "

Gen V (non ACR)

295/30/18f (OEM), Mich. Pilot Sport 4S and Continental ExtremeContact Sport 02

355/30/19r " " "


295/25ZR 19 (OEM ACR only), Kumho Esta V700 ACR and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

355/30ZR19 " " "

The tires listed are recommended for street use. There are also track/competition tires which are not listed here. Listed tires are currently available in complete sets of front and rears, although some reports indicate that the Kumho ACR tire may be discontinued. There are also a couple of other tires where only the fronts or rears are available now, or expected to be available soon. If and when they are available, they'll be added here.

Tire Reviews

Michelin PS 4S vs Continental ExtremeContact Sport 02

These are both extremely highly rated Max Performance tires. They're both very well-suited to use on our Vipers, and the available sizes listed above fit all Vipers from 2003 with stock 18" front and 19" rear wheels. Reviews from various sources give a slight nod to the Michelin, which is also slightly more expensive.

The Continental ExtremeContact Sport S02 replaces the Continental ExtremeContact Sport, and the Michelin PS4 is the latest advancement of the Pilot Sport series that included the Pilot Sport 2 and Pilot Super Sport used on Vipers.

Technical Articles

When should tires be replaced?

How does age affect tires-Part 1

How does age affect tires-Part 2

Buying Guide information and recommendation updates will be on-going.

Contact Bruce at with any questions or comments.

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