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Jan. '24 Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 18

Hello Everyone,

We hope you're all enjoying the holidays with family and friends, and looking forward to the New Year! Our club and members have so much to be thankful for...and so much to celebrate as a club! Join us as we look ahead to an inspiring 2024 and beyond!

The Global Viper Community

It all began with Dodge's huge support of the Viper Club of America in 1996 and the subsequent creation of regional clubs like the Viper Club of Ontario in 1997. The VCA created an invaluable on-line community forum where all Viper enthusiasts, service & parts providers, Dodge and other community sponsors came together to discuss and share all things Viper. The VCA was the center of the Viper Community, which became shared with the newly formed Viper Owners Association starting in 2014.

The huge popularity and inclusivity of owners and enthusiasts on the many Viper Facebook groups have dramatically expanded the Viper community. There are

over 36,000 on the VCA's, over 12,ooo on the Viper Owners Group, and 2300 on the Viper Owner Association's. The VCA's technical forums remain a great public resource.

The Viper Club of Ontario has always been an important part of the Viper Community, and a major financial supporter of the national clubs for the 24 years prior to 2023 . We support the greater community on various Viper Facebook groups as we enthusiastically contribute to these invaluable public meeting places and resources! And we'll help to inspire the strenghthening of the greater Viper community's for the benefits of all in 2024!

Our strong VCO community benefits us all in countless ways, including greater enjoyment of our Vipers and every aspect of preserving them, simply by...

  • participating as club members and sponsors

  • sharing your passion and friendship at our club events

  • supporting our local sponsors, Stellantis, and Viper specialty shops nationally that provide new and rebuilt parts, service & technical resources

  • recognizing that the Viper's low production numbers challenge our goals

  • volunteering to help with planning events or joining our leadership team

  • posting, commenting and liking on our club's Facebook & perhaps your choice of the community Viper Facebook groups listed above

  • posting of detailed technical information on the VCA forums (see below)

Stellantis Circular Economy Initiative

Support for Stellantis vehicle owners is coming with a major initiative that will collect parts and entire vehicles to be remanufactured, repaired, reused, and recycled as part of their over-all Dare Forward 2030 plan. Their first Circular Economy Hub that will perform these operations just opened in Italy. Learn all about it here...

We'll keep you informed as we learn more details as to how this and other efforts may impact the availability of your Viper parts in the future.

New Member Introduction

We're very pleased to welcome these new members...

  • Eric Archibald from Paris Ontario with his newly acquired yellow Gen IV ACR!

  • Jill & Jeff Rusnack from St. Joachim (east of Windsor) with their 2 1997 GTS!

We have many members in your areas who will be looking forward to meeting you!

New Director Appointment

We'd like to welcome to the Board and thank Justin Black for taking on the role of Area Director for Peterborough-Trenton and surrounding areas. We also thank Jay Leslie for performing that role over the last couple of years! It's through the efforts of our director's, event planners and sponsors that we are able to offer so many great events!

2024 Event Calendar

Be sure to check out our 2024 calendar of 50+ club events. We've added more events over the last month that you may not have seen...and we still have more to come! It's not too early to note those you're interested in and add to your personal calendars so you don't miss them!

We plan more events than any other Viper club in the world because of our large and spread out membership that exceeds that of all 3 Viper clubs in both California and Texas. This is an advantage to us all as it provides an endless selection of fun events!

2023 Event Participation Awards

Each year we recognize those members who have exhibited club spirit that went above and beyond by attending the most events. Our event organizers have submitted their lists and we have our winners! We'll announce and present them with their awards at our 2024 VCO Viper Show & Lunch Meeting on May 25th at Hagerty Garage + Social!

We can tell you this now...we have never had so many members participate in club events...over 170 in total! And this year's winners attended more than any in past years!

It's very rewarding for our event planners and sponsors to see this level of enthusiasm, and we're also thankful for all the work they do putting together these events for us!

Membership Renewals

Our annual memberships expire on December 31st so we kindly ask those who haven't yet to please renew, and we thank those who already have. It's easy to renew with an e-transfer for $125 to, or to ask Bruce any renewal questions.

Club Vipers For Sale

Please refer to the For sale listings for these Vipers in our December newsletter...

Community Facebook Groups & Forums

These are the most active to ask and answer questions, and to research technical info...

VCO Sponsor Appreciation

Most of our events are supported at least in part by these generous club sponsors and supporters. Let's extend our support to them whenever we can! Sponsor contact info at 

                 Raceway Chrysler | Islington Chrysler | Wellington Motors (Chrysler)

                  JRP Online & Speed Therapy | ILR Car Control Schools | BAKSPEED

                   Hagerty Insurance | Hagerty Garage + Social | Gold Motor Garage

        Stellantis-FCA Canada (Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat | CP24 News

On behalf of your VCO leadership team and sponsors, we thank you for your continued support, and we wish you all health and a very Happy New Year!

Bruce Hadfield

VCO President

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